The artist who can see music

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Sound of LIFE

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My current working collection, Nott, is about my connection to Norse Mythology, to my ancestors.  I am very fascinated by ancient worlds, myths, legends, and magicks from the past.  There are just so many stories to tell, knowledge to be shared.  I want to challenge myself to create something new, yet old.  To reach deep into my heart, connect to my spirit, and put it on display for others to see.
War by Luna Smith
TImeline by Luna Smith
Knowledge by Luna Smith
Peace by Luna Smith
Sprit by Luna Smith
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100 Days challenge

This year I am doing 100 days challenge. Every day for 1 hundred days I sketch, draw and post on YouTube my art. So much fun, so many ideas...

Merì – Timeless Eternal Art

I am part of a stunning art project called ''Merì – Timeless Eternal Art''. Streets and squares will be decorated with terracotta tiles, giving immortality to 60 artists worldwide - a timeless exhibition in gorgeous Italy and China. I am representing Scotland with one of my favourite Scottish landscapes - ''Daibaig''.
Daibaig by Luna Smith - A Scottish landscape- oil painting - MERI Timelless Eternal Art
A few links to articles about Merì – Timeless Eternal Art. CHINA DAYLY


An amazing artist, Anne Newman, wrote an article about my art - my first winter landscape in 2021. That is an great start in the New Year.
Painting a Winter Sunrise Landscape with Scottish Artist Luna Smith (
A few of my winter landscapes.


I just finished my SHADOWS collection - a very intimate and unique art. It is a phenomenal feeling to share my emotions and thoughts with my audience. There are just matters where words are just not adequate - there are things which can be expressed solely through art.

I am a standing shadow, hidden,
among the stillness of life.

I am a walking shadow, I follow,
blind and voiceless.

I am a running shadow, lost, overwhelmed,
and yet, full of hope.

I am a dancing shadow, I sing, I dream, 
I spread my wings.

I am a flying shadow, soaring into the unknown,
I shed my fears and live my life, free.