Ancient worlds and the untouchable universe inspire the art pieces. Nott collection connects the past, the present and the future. When we dream, we reach our visions. We unite with the best versions of ourselves. 


I am a standing shadow, hidden,
among the stillness of life.

I am a walking shadow, I follow,
blind and voiceless.

I am a running shadow, lost, overwhelmed,
and yet, full of hope.

I am a dancing shadow, I sing, I dream, 
I spread my wings.

I am a flying shadow, soaring into the unknown,
I shed my fears and live my life, free.

SHADOWS collection reflects a world full of wonders but flawed
and scarred by the struggle for survival. They are very personal
and an expression of my memories, worries, and dreams.

Sound of LIFE

When I listen to music, every sound, every rhythm has a unique colour and texture. I see melody dancing, changing like the northern lights in the sky. My brushstrokes aspire to capture every note. My soul hypnotises in the unique painting style.

Hatching EGGS

Hatching Eggs collection is inspired by the spring equinox, also known as Ostara, celebrated as a time of fertility, renewal, and new beginnings. There is nothing more inspirational and cheerful than seeing new life, new hope for a better tomorrow.