Sound of LIFE

Beautiful expressionism hypnotised in the unique style of a Scottish painter. The artist paints while listening to sounds. A brushstroke captures every note. 


Don't put us in a box. We are no the same.

Do not give us special tasks and clothes. We don't need them.

We want to be equal and don't be judged by our looks. We are not dolls.

We want to be appreciated, not punished, for our sacrifice when we bring humans to life;

- our pain, our periods, our risks, our diets, our death.

We are women. We are warriors of humanity;

We create. We demand. We innovate. We teach. We learn. We never give up.


I am a standing shadow, hidden,
among the stillness of life.

I am a walking shadow, I follow,
blind and voiceless.

I am a running shadow, lost, overwhelmed,
and yet, full of hope.

I am a dancing shadow, I sing, I dream, 
I spread my wings.

I am a flying shadow, soaring into the unknown,
I shed my fears and live my life, free.

Hatching EGGS

Spring is here. Eggs are hatching, tiny miracles.

New Life - New hope

Save Gorillas

Gorillas are endangered, they need you to save them.

Share awareness!

Rainbow Animals

The beautiful colourful animal art collection. Brave, bold colours embrace the passion and courage, the gentle brush strokes show the elegant and soft nature, of these magnificent creatures.